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Leadership 01


Bryan brings 25 years of industry experience to People Driven, having held pivotal leadership roles in technology companies before ascending to the CEO position. He has a proven ability to navigate complex challenges, foster innovation, and deliver superior results.

Fun Fact:

Bryan is always on the move and has never lived in 1 house for longer than 5 years.

Bryan Teipel


Leadership 02


Matt specializes in Hybrid Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Networking. He has a strong brand and reputation for both technical and customer excellence. His primary focus is building the company’s overall technology program and strategy while also engaging with customers to accelerate their transformation from a builder of components to a broker of services.

Fun Fact:

The square root of 2 is an irrational number, containing an infinite number of non-repetitive digits.

Matt McPherson


Leadership 03


Dean is experienced in Enterprise Networking, Network Security, Hybrid Cloud, Collaboration, and Cybersecurity. Dean offers a unique combination of leadership and business development experience within technology driven industries, and is an accomplished team leader, adept at developing and guiding diverse teams to deliver top performance.

Fun Fact:

Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Rainier

Dean Lochkovic


Leadership 04


Laura has worked in the technology industry for a decade, focusing on marketing, partner alliances, sales support, and company culture. She focuses on fostering a collaborative environment and empowering teams to champion our customers' needs while forging lasting connections passionately. These initiatives translate into meaningful, lasting relationships.

Fun Fact:

She is passionate about women in technology and founded People Driven's 'Lady Driven' group.

Laura Muysenberg

VP, Marketing & Sales Operations



Brent began working in the Integrator space in 1987 as an engineer and architect before moving into sales. The past 20 years Brent has been served in sales and sales leadership roles across the Midwest. With a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Brent is passionate about building great teams.

Fun Fact:

Brent enjoys hunting and woodworking.

Brent Clodgo

Area VP, Indiana

Bj (1)


Bryan Johnston has been in the technology industry for over two decades. Half of that time as a customer in IT leadership roles and the other half in technology sales and sales leadership working with public and commercial customers of all sizes.

Fun Fact:

Bryan enjoys aviation and holds a private pilot license along with some additional ratings.

Bryan Johnston

Area VP, West Michigan

Leadership 08


Joe has been helping customers solve business challenges by connecting things to networks since 1986. Over this time, he has spent his career working for and alongside the most trusted brands in IT, delivering solutions to many recognized corporations and public sector customers throughout Michigan.

Fun Fact:

On any cool spring or fall evening you may find Joe on his travels wearing his favorite pair of chaps. That is however, while only out riding on his motorcycle. ✌🏼

Joe Zanchetta

Area VP, East Michigan



Tom Montes brings over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. His career has been characterized by a relentless commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and fostering a culture that puts employees and customers at the forefront of every endeavor.

Fun Fact:

Tom enjoys spending quality time with his family, playing golf, and traveling.

Tom Montes

Area VP, Ohio

Leaders 12


Daniel is a long-time technology expert, passionate about customer satisfaction. He spent much of his career unraveling technical debt and securing mission-critical infrastructure with Governments, including airports and utilities. His fascination for problem-solving led him to support companies in achieving critical updates and enhancements in their network infrastructure and network security.

Fun Fact:

One summer Daniel surfed the most interesting breaks from San Fransisco to Tijuana.

Daniel Heidt

VP, Hybrid Cloud

Leaders 13


Brad Founded Access Computers Inc. in 1986 in Walled Lake, MI. Helped guide and grow the company into and through the endless technology transitions throughout the years - from mainframes to the cloud. Brad is a servant leader.

Fun Fact:

Father of two grown girl kiddos. One of them is expecting a new girl kiddo later this year so I'll be a first time Grandpa!

Brad Cheatham

VP, Hybrid Cloud Operations

Leaders 14


Jason has been involved in technology for more than 25 years. His career has expanded from answering calls on a helpdesk to deploying one of the largest contact centers in the Midwest. Now Jason enjoys leading a team that deploys technology to meet our customers business outcomes.

Fun Fact:

Jason has been practicing Jiu Jitsu for years.

Jason Burton

Director, Professional Services

Leaders 15


Michael Sanchez has been in the technology industry for over 20 years starting out on the telco side and transitioning into cloud services. Adapt and overcome are two words Michael lives by in not only his professional life but personal as well. In this ever-changing technology climate, being stagnant is just not an option.

Fun Fact:

In his younger years, Michael was a DJ at many local clubs in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, he takes pride in creating playlists for family and friends and embarrassing his teenage kids because he is on top of all the latest music.

Michael Sanchez

Director, Professional Services

Leadership 05


After 17 years in Commercial Banking, Kevin has assisted the People Driven ownership group for 8+ years and now PDT, focusing on investment analysis, financial reporting, and strategy. Kevin is currently on the executive board at a local non-profit, In the Image, and has served on various GVSU alumni and business boards.

Fun Fact:

Outside of work, he enjoys golf, home improvement projects and all sporting activities.

Kevin Schafer

VP, Finance

Leadership 09


Katie grew up in West Michigan and graduated from Grand Valley State University. For the past 15 years, Katie's professional focus has been in accounting and finance, with half of that duration dedicated to the tech sector.

Fun Fact:

Katie hates snakes but not spiders.

Katie Lucas

Manager, Accounting

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